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HTM and HBN Compliant Component Downloads


Specifying the correct product and component for a healthcare project can be a complex, detailed and sometimes confusing process. Many components are subject to The Health Building Notes (HBN). With the onset of Building Information Modelling (CTH) there is a danger in this process being even more complicated. The Healthcare design team at Cyril Tawney Health are experienced in the specification of such components and will look at each individual uploaded family component to check for compliance (where appropriate) and this will be listed on the download page. This gives the designer some reassurance that the components picked from this website will be suitable for the healthcare application that they are intended.

Manufacturers are encouraged to upload their family components to the website to be part of this Healthcare focused network. BImhealth are also developing room-sets which will be an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their products in healthcare scenario such as a treatment room, sluice, or a bed bay. This will be produced as a Revit file and a visual on the webpage with the manufacturers components in situ. The Revit file can be then downloaded directly off the site with all manufacturers embedded and placed directly into their project.

Costs for upload are given opposite and instructions on how to proceed are on the upload page.

Membership Registration

Registration for Manufacturers is free. Once registered you may purchase an upload plan from the options below.

Upload Plans

Plan Type No. of uploads Cost  
Plan A Up to 5 uploads £800  
Plan B Up to 10 uploads £1,200 SAVE £400
Plan C Up to 25 uploads £3,000 SAVE £1,000
Plan D Up to 50 uploads £6,000 SAVE £2,000
Plan E Up to 100 uploads £12,000 SAVE £4,000
Link Board Logo upload and weblink £500 per year  

If you have any questions regarding the upload plans or would prefer to pay by invoice or any other method please contact info@cyriltawney.co.uk