A Toolkit for Compliance
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This facility has been designed to HBN 07-01. The physical environment affects the well-being of patients, particularly haemodialysis patients, for whom the dialysis unit...
Model: BH/
Room Type: Treatment Room
This room is used for the clinical disposal of urine and human waste. 
Model: BH/K
Room Type: OTHER
This Health Building Note (HBN) provides information to assist individuals and organisations to make informed decisions about the provision of sterile services. It replaces...
Model: BH/
Room Type: OTHER
The key to effective isolation on acute general wards is the provision of single-bed rooms with ensuite sanitary facilities. Single-bed rooms reduce the risk of...
Model: BH/BE
Room Type: OTHER
The technological nature of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology can often be an unpleasant and distressing experience for patients and their carers. It is...
Model: BH/BG
Room Type: OTHER
Free PDF Download - Room Data Sheet only, other file formats available in full MRI Suite
Model: BH/BG/3
Room Type: OTHER