A Toolkit for Compliance
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A reception desk should be provided for each clinic suite. It should be located with the clinic waiting area and be adjacent to consulting...
Model: BH/TBC
Room Type: OTHER
Awaiting information
Model: BH.TBC
Room Type: OTHER
The layout for a single-bed room is an example only. Its purpose is to illustrate how the different elements of the room – bed space, ensuite, clinical support...
Model: BH/
Room Type: OTHER
The en-suite – comprising WC, washbasin and shower – is shown with a chamfered profile. For a rectangular layout, refer to ‘Shower rooms’ in Health Building Note...
Model: BH/C
Room Type: OTHER
This facility is all about patient streaming methods, including the Big Front Door, allow more clearly considered care pathways within the department or redirection to other areas....
Model: BH/AV
Room Type: OTHER