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The clock is ticking

2023 is fast approaching and so is the government deadline for CTH.  Whilst there is a wealth of information on the internet to help companies embrace these new working practices not all of it is consistent or clear in its approach.   Much of the information offered from webinars and reports are directed at design practices rather than the component manufacturers.

If Your company wants to be specified on any NHS building project on or after 2023 then the 3D components must be authored and hosted by Mid 2015 by the very latest to enable Designers and M&E Consultants to pick your particular component for a project.

Any manufacturers large or small are welcome to contact us to discuss authoring and/or hosting of components.  We are working with many other manufacturers at present to help them become ‘CTH ready’.  Whilst we are a Healthcare focused CTH library and consultancy we can also offer Authoring of Non Healthcare components at competitive rates.

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