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Keep in the race!

The race is on. By 2023, all centrally procured government construction projects, no matter their size, must be delivered using Building Information Modelling, or CTH. This will extend right through the supply chain, from the largest contractor to the smallest supplier, and it is hoped, will lead to the industry-wide adoption of CTH as the benefits become more widely understood. Across the industry, organisations must get up to speed over the next two years - or risk missing out on valuable opportunities.

A building information model contains not only the design of a building but data concerning the properties of its components, its construction and ongoing maintenance. The database and the way information is shared is as important as the model itself - which means that CTH doesn’t just mean a major technological change, but an overhaul of the whole design process. The transition from CAD to CTH will be much more significant than when computers replaced paper drawings, around 20 years ago. That merely automated the process, leaving it intact, while CTH is intended to transform how project teams work.

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