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Cyril Tawney Health spills the beans on NHS CTH compliance




The NHS strict guidelines are being re written to embrace CTH but what is the point in producing a hard copy booklet to show specifiers how to comply when we are now in the virtual age.  CTHhealth are producing the same layout information within a Revit file that specifiers can download in one complete package.  Architects will no longer have to keep looking between screen and book as it will all be in one place.  Ensuring compliance is becoming increasingly important with the likes of CQC and Monitor looking over Trusts shoulders all the time.

Bimhealth roomsets are unique - the company has developed the Revit clash detection to include spatial zones that have previously only been possible to be shown on paper plans. This means components can be moved within a room but kept within certain tolerances

CTH and Revit will take us and our successors into the age of virtual imagery not dissimilar to today’s computer games, therefore the industry has to keep up or CTH will fail

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