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CTH – The Job Market

As the industry prepares for 2023 more and more focus is being placed on CTH, leading to increased demand for those with CTH skills and experience.

MR Richard Gelder, director at Hays Recruitment was recently questioned,  these were his replies.

How has the demand for CTH-skilled employees changed in the past year?

RG The demand for CTH specialists has increased over the past year as we look towards the government’s 2023 target to have centrally procured projects at CTH Level 2. This has made CTH specialism a premium and as demand increases, experienced CTH technicians in all areas of construction, engineering and property have seen their salaries increase.

RG In some cases, double-digit percentage salary growth is not uncommon and benefits packages are becoming more attractive to retain the best employees.

Which CTH skills are most in demand?

RG Specific experience with Revit software is an area that is in most demand as it is a commonly used platform. Increasingly, designs are created using CTH and with the government’s 2023 targets for its use on projects, firms will require an experienced CTH technician to support them with digital design.

Are employers placing a greater emphasis on staff with CTH skills?

RG There is no denying that CTH affects every area of construction, engineering and property that we deal with and increasingly design using CTH has becoming a much bigger priority. As CTH roles require a specialist skill set, experienced technicians are becoming very sought after and this is making them a premium commodity. Employers are placing emphasis on retaining and attracting staff with CTH skills by increasing salaries and offering them attractive benefits packages.

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