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Manufacturers Policy

Please see Terms and Conditions for full details of manufacturers’ obligations.

Payment and Fees

Manufacturers are required to pay an annual subscription fee of £1,000.  This subscription will expire after 12 months, when it will become renewable.  There is a one-off payment for new uploads, where the manufacturer provides undertakes authoring. 

Uploads and Updates

A one-off payment of £25 is charged for uploading new material, when authored by the manufacturer.  It is the manufacturers responsibility to inform CTHHealth of updates or changes to components and data.  There is no charge for updating or replacing products already uploaded to the website, however, if such updates require amendments being made to the physical appearance of the component, and such amendments require the product to be re-drawn, the manufacturer will incur a cost.  CTHHealth Ltd will provide a quote for said cost.

Options Offered

CTHHealth provides two types of upload for its members.  Manufacturers have two options:

Option One:  CTHHealth Ltd. will provide all authoring and drawing work required to upload manufacturers’ components and products, as per specifications provided by the manufacturer.  CTHHealth will do this free of charge, but will retain all intellectual property rights arising from such work. Manufacturers may purchase intellectual property rights from CTHHealth at a negotiated price.

Option Two:  The manufacturer will provide all authoring and drawing work, and will retain any intellectual property rights arising from such work.  An upload cost of £25 per upload will be incurred, and will be payable prior to upload.

Terms of Business

CTHHealth Ltd. trades under its own terms of business.  If you are a manufacturer interested in registering with CTHHealth, please contact us to discuss further details of what we provide, and to discuss trading arrangements.


Subscriptions to CTHHealth are non-terminable.  Subscription lasts for 12 months, at which point, you have the option of renewing your membership.  If you choose not to, CTHHealth will remove your products from the website.  If you choose to renew, your subscription fee will become payable, and your products will remain on the website for the next 12 months.  You or your company remains liable for all costs incurred during your registration, and all costs incurred by CTHHealth in recovering outstanding moneys.  Please see CTHHealth’s Terms and Conditions for full details.

Disclaimer (optional)

This manufacturers policy is a guide only.  The particulars of business should be established during negotiations and contractual arrangements between CTHHealth Ltd. and the manufacturing company.  This policy remains subject to private agreements.