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Architects Membership policy

Subscription to the CTHHealth website affords the subscriber unlimited downloads of all products on the CTHHealth website.

All resources are to be used in accordance with CTHHealth’s Terms and Conditions.  Please see CTHHealth’s Privacy Policy.

Subscription fees shall become payable as of 1st April 2015.  Until this date, all downloadable resources posted on the website are free to download, and are to be used in accordance with CTHHealth’s terms and conditions (please see terms and conditions).  Thereafter, registration fees will become immediately payable by one of the two means offered by CTHHealth Ltd.


Fees can be paid annually for the twelve months following payment.  Membership fees can also be paid in monthly instalments.  Payment by monthly instalment is for your benefit only, and you remain liable for the full amount and outstanding balance.  See Terms and Conditions for CTHHealth’s right to recover outstanding payment.


Membership of CTHHealth lasts for the 12 months following payment, after which your membership expires and becomes renewable.


Memberships can only be terminated at the end of the 12-month period by non-renewal.  Those paying by monthly instalments are contractually obliged to do so for the full 12 months, and will remain liable for the full amount and outstanding payments, during and after the 12 month period.  Expiration of membership does not remove liability for payment of periods of effective membership.  Memberships cannot be terminated before the 12-month period has elapsed, and fees are non-refundable.  CTHHealth Ltd. reserves the right to terminate memberships at any time, where terms of use have been breached, or where fraudulent or illegal activity is suspected.  See CTHHealth terms and conditions for full details.


Membership fees are £[insert amount] per annum. This sum can be paid by monthly instalments of £[insert amount] per month.

National Health Service (NHS) Professionals

CTHHealth provides a free resource to NHS professionals, who are able to prove their current employment.   This can be done by registration to the CTHHealth website using an active NHS email address.  CTHHealth may request further proof of your employment at their discretion.  NHS professionals, who use CTHHealth resources, are strictly prohibited from using such resources and products in their own commercial projects.  CTHHealth may request, at any time, proof of product use.  CTHHealth offers all downloadable components and products free of charge to NHS professionals to be used for NHS projects only.  CTHHealth reserves the right to terminate membership, and restrict website access, of anyone believed to be using CTHHealth products in contravention of this, or any other CTHHealth policy.