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With the Government cabinet office deadline for CTH getting ever closer it is now even more important for NHS Trusts to start to integrate CTH into their everyday working practices, if they have not already done so. It is not always easy to change long standing working systems and can lead to an extra unwanted expense.

Cyril Tawney Health has been developed by two healthcare Estates Managers to help other Trusts with this transition by offering consultancy and a focused website for networking with similar trusts and providing a ‘one stop shop’ for HTM/HBN compliant family components.

Manufacturers have seen the benefits of having a healthcare only audience to showcase their products and Architects and Designers can use the site to offer their services to the healthcare industry.

All the web services are free to the NHS giving them unrivalled access to one of Britain’s largest databases of this type. Please feel free to contact any of our staff via the contacts page for any more details or use the website as needed.

We offer a full CTH Consultancy package with access to specialist NHS CTH standard template forms and CTH geometry templates. Only available from Cyril Tawney Health.





Membership Registration

Registration is FREE to NHS healthcare clients with nhs.uk and nhs.net email addresses.

Please Note: Upon registration, components can be downloaded immediately. Once your NHS email has be verified by Cyril Tawney Health you will have full access to Roomset downloads. Please allow up to 24 hours for verification.

As CTH is still relatively new to the healthcare construction sector there are still many components not available in a electronic format. If you need a component which you cannot find on this site then please let us know and we will endeavour to get it uploaded within a few weeks