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FREE Audits

Cyril Tawney Health offers a free assessment of your existing systems and processes, providing unique recommendations on how you can achieve the many benefits of using CTH protocol.

See the lists below to see how your Trust could benefit.

Benefits - for Capital

  • Standardisation - using standard roomsets can be more economic as designs can be used repeatedly. Also the guarantees of compliance assures robust design principles.
  • The architectural practices will no longer need to build their own room data and design layouts so reducing design time and cost.
  • Clinical input/approval – clinical staff have better understanding using 3D designs and therefore designs are sorted out and approved quicker without the need to redesign.
  • Construction industry figures show that CTH can cut costs by avoiding clashes within the different disciplines.
  • Better partnering with designers to enable quick reaction to design challenges.
  • More accurate as built information when redeveloping/refurbishments areas.
  • Improved health and safety information.
  • Energy modelling to show reduction in heating/cooling/building orientation etc.
  • Easier assessment of needs for things such as fire strategies/asbestos register.
  • Patient flow modelling.
  • Improved project control for programming and accounting.

Benefits - for Revenue

  • Integration of completed CTH model with Trust databases and software.
  • Accurate transfer of information on completion (Soft Landings).
  • More accurate information for estates maintenance for supplies of components (asset information).
  • Increased data information on all MEP installations.
  • Due to energy efficient design from above lower energy consumption.
  • Helps with other FM packages.
  • Replacement schedules for planned maintenance can be identified from model.
  • All O&M in model avoiding the need for filing.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss and arrange your free CTH audit