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The CTHhealth website is a unique ‘compliance toolkit’ offering contractors, architects and designers a full HBN/HTM design support system in ready-made healthcare room scenarios.

CTHhealth downloadable roomsets save time and money whilst ensuring compliance to NHS strict standards.
Roomsets are unique yet adaptable models that can be downloaded into any project.

Downloads are light on memory and sympathetic on your project models.

Offering the only NHS room scenarios with clash detection for components available on the web. 

Full membership gives you access to specialist NHS CTH standard template forms. Only available from Cyril Tawney Health.

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Standard membership (free) includes all interchangeable manufacturers CTH components and access to individual Roomsets at stated costs.

Full membership with access to all areas of the website including all downloads is now available (£2400+vat per annum) to sign up please use the “Subscribe Now” link to the left.

As CTH is still relatively new to the healthcare construction sector there are still many components not available in a electronic format. If you need a component which you cannot find on this site then please let us know and we will endeavour to get it uploaded within a few weeks