Discography (Albums)

Cyril Tawney has numerous songs to his credit. His extensive collection of maritime songs showcased his wealth of talent and featured his unmistakable West -Country-tinged lyrics supported by his typical nylon-acoustic string guitar.

Cyril Towney


Cyril was very popular for his nautical songs. Here is his discography:

A Pinch of Salt

This song was dedicated to British Sea Songs and featured several artists but having Tawney as the lead. Among the outstanding tracks are two, which featured Bob Roberts with his usual melodeon display.

This piece was recorded in 1960 and had about sixteen tracks in the Live Performances. On three live performances, the singers usually go with either a guitar, banjo or mandolin.

A few select musicians for A Pinch of Salt include:

Shirley Collins (vocals)
Fred Dallas (vocals)
Steve Benbow (vocals and guitar)
Isabel Sutherland (vocals)
Jimmie McGregor (vocals, guitar, and mandolin)
Bob Roberts (vocals and melodeon)
Cyril Tawney (vocals and guitar)

Rocket Along

Just like ‘’A Pinch of Salt’’, songs in this album features various artists but having Tawney as the lead. The line of songs centers on new poems and folk songs which is built on traditional lines. Fred Dallas and Ewan MacColl had compositions which fell within this line. Among the tracks on this album, the only successful one is the track titled ‘’Dark as A Dungeon’’, written by an American ex-miner and guitarist, Merle Travis. According to the review, the song has a real identity, the words used alongside the melody to make a positive poetic impression.

The song, ‘’Rocket Along’’ was recorded in 1960 and had ten tracks and thirteen musicians, all performing through vocals, guitar and melodeon.

Some musicians here include:

Betty Dallas (vocals)
Robin Hall (drums)
Shirley Bland (vocals)
Eddis Thomas (vocals)
Cyril Tawney (vocals and guitar)
Steve Benbow (vocals)

The Folk sound of Britain

These tracks featured various artists and were recorded live in 1965, during the concert presented by the English Folk, Song and Dance Society at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The album which has 17 tracks was produced by Roy Guest and edited by Peter Kennedy.

Below are some favorite tracks which depicted the modern English tradition and the words used were mixed with sweet melody to make a genuine poetic impression.

The McPeake Family: The Verdant Braes of Skrene
Louis Killen: Derwentwater’s Farewell
Louis Killen: The College Valley Hunt
Cyril Tawney: The three Huntsmen
Cyril Tawney: Young Rumbleaway
Jack Elliot: Jowl and Listen Lad