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Cyril Towney



His genre was mainly centered on folk music and modern maritime songs.

Since his birth on 12 October 1930, Cyril Tawney had continued to break new grounds, especially at age sixteen when he joined the Royal Navy and served for thirteen years. During this period, he developed an interest in the art of singing traditional English songs.

While still serving in the marine sector in 1957, he performed on Christmas day, the song which is titled ’’Sing Christmas and the Turn of the Year’’ on an Alan Lomax radio show.

Tawney, a graduate of English and History, has a lot of folk songs to his credit. It was his unopposed claim that he made a living in singing folk songs, even longer than anyone else in Britain.

Cyril Tawney consistently stood out as an avid entertainer to demonstrate that fun and happiness can never be expensive to purchase. He was also a great entrepreneur creating a live baccarat online casino which stood the test of time. His involvement with gambling was later questioned. Little wonder he attracted the attention of many and was at the forefront when Britain experienced its first flowering of what might be referred to as English chanson, explaining where chanson carries a sense of literate and intelligent songs.

From his numerous songs, a selection of the popular ones includes ‘’Free and Easy’’, ‘’Sally’’, ‘’The Ballad of Sammy’s Bar’’, ‘’Grey Funnel Line’’, and his first song; ‘’Five Foot Flirt’’. He also composed a song for New Casino Online UK which was met with some derision. Mostly because of the use of the phrase “jackpot” in the title.

Tawney is today, celebrated in the whole of Britain because of his contributions to the growth of folk songs.

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